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08-12-2004, 02:07 AM
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And i understand your points on Nylander as well. You're view makes a lot of sense and I can't really say that it won't happen. In the end, from a decision standpoint, I personally wouldn't have done a three year deal. I could very well be wrong on it, in fact I hope I am. I just get this sinking feeling that in the three years his contract is for, at some point before it is even close to being over, that we're gonna be complaining and upset that Nylander is still here. Again I hope I am wrong, because that could mean good things are happening.

As for what Maloney said, I don't buy it for one second personally. Everyone I talked to, {even Brooks reported on it} has said it came down to money. He wanted basically the same contract as Blackburn, but the Rangers would budge. Now I'm not saying to just throw money at every young player, but both Montoya and Lundqvist were willing to go to the AHL and work {and do it on a two way contract BTW}. The Rangers simply didn't want to pay $450,000. to bring Lundqvist over when they can get him for free next season. As for Montoya, their offer was somewhere in the area of $600,000 with a VERY low minor league salary and Montoya wasn't willing to slip his junior year of college for it knowing he was going to spend all if not most of his time in Hartford.

It bothers me more because at earliest Blackburn will be back in November and the smarter move says sometime around December would be best.

For around $800,000 the Rangers could have added to two top young goalies to their system and had their goaltending coach work full time with them. Their every advance would have been with the Rangers looking on. Instead for more money we've added Jason Strudwick and Michael Nylander.

This team continues to make it's roster moves in an almost bi-polar manner. They do something right one day and the next leave you scratching your head.

I mean what is Maloney going to say "I think Glen Sather is going senile?". He knows if he ever wants to be an NHL GM again he needs to shut his mouth and work within the parameters he is given.

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