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02-03-2009, 10:12 PM
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it is tough to "rebuild" when you're making the playoffs. The mentality is to make the playoffs, not tear it down. Perhaps the direction the organization should've taken was to trade Jagr and get a huge return of those young players this organization sorely craves. Perhaps there are others. But, of course, Sather wasn't saying to himself that he doesn't have a Stanley Cup winning team. I do understand the other side of the equation. That there is the potential to build something just above mediocrity each season, make the playoffs, get mid-round picks that Sather may waste, and never really get a real shot at the Cup. But again, how do you tear down a competitive team.
You know who I like to watch during the draft is doug wilson of San Jose. He moves up and down in any round to make sure he gets the
player he really wants vs. reading McKeans and taking the guy that falls the farthest in the draft (what a great value)

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