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02-04-2009, 09:05 AM
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Quick Observations about last night.
Yes, I know it was only one game, and mind you, the whole team played an excellent game, but i was really impressed with the way Lapierre's line played. Lapierre has really developed since he first got here and has proven that he is better than the 4th line center he was projected to be. He has excellent speed. He is showing that has great hands in front of the net. I believe that the line of Lapierre -Max Pax and Sk74 if given the chance to play together for some length of time will be able to outperform what Lapierre-Lats-Kostopolous did for a good stretch of time during the season. Here are a few reasons why:

1) Speed. Each of three players plays and skates at pretty much the same speed. Max is defintely faster than Gui, and Sergei (when he puts his head into the game) is a tad faster than Kosto.
2) Passing. Sergei is an upgrade on Kosto in the passing department. As displayed yesterday, the line made several tape to tape passes during odd man rushes, something which was not a forte of the previous Lapierre line. Sergeis pass to Hmarlik resulted in teh first goal. I dont think Kosto would have had the vision to make that pass.
3) Energy. Because of the fact that this line does not need to cycle the puck in the corners for 2 minutes, they can conserve their energy throughout the game. This line is able to skate the puck into the zone as opposed to dump and chase.
4) Line changes. Yesterdays line played a smart game, and did not stay out too long. Now im not bashing anyone. Im just stating my opinion or fact depending on how you look at it. But Guillaume had a tendancy of staying out too long for his shifts. Lapierre-kosto- Guillaume would dump the puck and instead of going out for a line change, chase the puck in and stay on too long. This eliminates the flow of the game for your team.
5) Hitting /Forechecking: Lapierres goal last night was a prime example. Pacioretty used his long reach and speed to get to the puck and pass it front of the net. Guillaume and Kosto hit to make hits, but rarely do their hits result in turnovers for the other team. Many times it causes them to be out of the play.
6) Line where each person has their identity. Sergei is the passer, Lapierre the energy guy that likes to work the corners, Pacioretty the big forward.

I think this is a great line. I like what i saw last night. Lets see how the expirement works over the next few games. But if last night is any indication of what is to come, i definitely believe that it is an upgrade over the KOSTO-GUI-Lapierre line. No doubt about it.

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