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02-04-2009, 03:14 PM
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Originally Posted by Ozymandias View Post
No, you are the one mixing it up. All the truly religious people HAVE faith, while not all who are not religious have faith.

You are mixing dogma and organized religion... we are talking about HAVING a religion, which is pretty much the same as stating your "faith". have you ever heard someone say 'My faith is Christianity" (or something else)??

You are basing this on your pre-mis/conception of religion. The basis of religion IS worship and faith. A lot of believers will worship and have faith in the God of their chosen religion without following the rules and dogmas of the figureheads. The rules and dogmas are only an unfortunate extent of religion. The basis remains faith and worship, which is highly similar to how we hold the Habs.
You are obviously too stubborn to read what people write.

Religions has laws, some punisheable by death, being passionnate about a hockey team doesn't.

Religion has responsibilities; the Canadiens don't impose us any.

Religio, latin, reverence of the gods, of divine things. If Maurice Richard is a god, my goodness, Mother Teresa, Princess Diana, Teletubbies must be gods too.

I agree that worshipping something, like a sports team, like a singer, like a music group, has SOME similarities with a religion, but only the positive is similar, not the negative ones. And every religion has laws, responsibilities.

Not because a passion unites people it makes it a religion.

Calling the Montreal Canadiens a religion is too easy. I think it deserves to be more than that, that's all.

People like easy; they invented english cuz it was easy. :-P

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