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02-04-2009, 02:36 PM
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Originally Posted by Ozymandias View Post
R'garde ticoune, je parle français aussi, alors si tu crois que ça va m'offenser de dire que l'anglais est plus facile, tu te trompes ben nette.

And English is not "easy" per se, it is a language made to be talked, while French is a language made to be written. That's why lyrics often sound better in English than in French, while an argumental discourse is more accurate in French.

I think I'll let you with your opinion of the analogy of religion, as you really don't seem to get it. I did read your part about rules, I also made a very good counter argument which you have totally ignored, so give this advice to yourself, maudit paresseux, c'est toi qui a la tête dure et qui ne lit pas se que les autres écrivent.
Tu penses que je ne le savais pas? Une attitude comme ça, ça peut juste venir d'un autre québécois.

What did I say that was so negative? I just think it's a lot more than a religion to A FEW FANATICS LIKE US.

But it's also far from being close to a faith for 80% of the people following the Canadiens. For most fans, it's an interest, like a tv show, like Star Académie, like So You Think You Can Dance, etc.. It's just a few exceptions, like us, that behave insanely, that makes the most noise, that takes the front of every talk-show, radio or TV, of every Internet sites, english or french.

Either way, it's exagerated or too easy.

On peux-tu se calmer le ponpon là?

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