Thread: Proposal: Boston and Toronto trade idea
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02-04-2009, 02:47 PM
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Originally Posted by djwilson19 View Post
Since. When. The team would be giving up money in the deal obviously and are already a 1MIL+ under the cap THIS YEAR for such a move (remember its prorated money, which would be right area of owing Kab a low 1M+ for 08-09). Next year, Axe, Manny, TT JR, Hnidy, Yelle, and I believe we are paying for AA, but of not all names come off the payroll as UFAs. Not to mention RFA's Kess, Krejci, Bitz, Karsums, St Pierre, Lash, Hunwick and Regan. Quick math makes that about 16 MIL gone at years end. Done say BOS can not afford him when CLEARLY they can.

Not that a Kab (or any) deal gets done when you are the #1 seed playing great still...
You need to figure out the math better considering you just stripped the **** out of our team for next year.

Everyone of those players you name need to be replaced and guys like Bitz, Karsums, St Pierre, Lash, and Regan don't even figure into our cap hit as they aren't playing on the pro roster.

As for your UFA's:
Factor in their replacements (one being Rask and his 3.2 hit) and we aren't looking to save a bunch. Bruins will need to make room eeven without Kaberle, so if we acquire him we better be sending more money out the door then we're taking in.

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