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08-12-2004, 11:10 AM
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Rucinsky- Allison- Jagr
Lundmark- Nylander- Balej
Garth Murray- Holik- Ortmyer (Moore can switch with Ortmyer if neccesary)
Strudwick- Betts- Moore

Kasparitus- Kondratiev
Pock- Rachunek


I know it might sound ridiculous to sign another center but i believe it is neccesaary, and well worth it if the contract is right. We keep Jagr happy with Allison, free up Holik to make a checking line, and have Nylnder to setup Balej, and LUndmark. I believe that putting Holik on a line with BAlej and Lund is out of the question. He's a checking center that isnt suited to Balej's sniper game or Lunds style (wutevr u mite call it). They need open ice and a setup man, and that is why I would put Nylander in their. He can set those 2 up, and help find the open ice for them, which will obviously make it easier for the 2 to adjust and learn the game from a quality setup man. Nylander also has not proven he is a first line centr so putting him on as a sec. line cener is less risky and it will help the club in the longer run because Lunds and Balej will develop bettr on his line than if Holik centrd it.
Allison is kinda risky, but like I said, if the contract ir right, which it shoud be, then we should sign him. pple. r going to say that it sounds like the Lindros thing all over again, but I dissagree. If we sign him rite, with clauses and evrything, and keep him at a similar contract like Nylander's where we can trade, then it makes sense. If he goes down, the team will be able to recover with Holik and Nylander and a filler centr, which isnt too bad. Now I know sum1 is asking why not keep it that way with Holik as 2nd centr with Nylander 1st, but I think Allison is worth the risk b/c we will have pple. to fill his spot if neccesary.

He wil also free up Holik to go on the checking libe which is sumthing I feel is very important b/c that is wut we r paying Holik the big bucks for. Not to pretend to be an offensive centr that can feed the youngsters. Nylander should be there for that. Murray and Ortmyer will learn from Holik, as will Lunds and Balej from Nylander. That makes more sense because all compliment each others style, whereas a line with - Lunds- Holik- Balej - just wont work. Holik is a defensive centrmen first and foremost, that can also cash a few goals here and there as a bonus. Balej definitely is not great in the d-zone, he's a sniper first and foremost, offensive. Same with Lunds, his d-game isn't great either, and both Lunds and Balej would not be physical enough to go on a checking line with holik if any1 is thinking of that. Their d is not good enough to cut it, and because we are rebuilding, why teach sumthing they don't need to know. Stick them on a line with Nylander so they can learn to score goals form a quality setup man who will help them. Let Murray and Ortmyer mold their games around Holik, and let Holik do what he does best, check. That way we keep the kids' futures going forwards, not stuck in neutral, and they have some quality vets to learn from.

Then we have the Gritty 4th line with our enforcer, Betts as the hard worker, and Moore who is the only fit that i'm not happy about, because he is bettr than 4th line material. He and Ortmyer can switch so both can learn off of Holik.

Then we have the d-pairings. Basically all the young guys have to be paired with a vet. to learn from, but we can't have 2 off. d-men on one line. So, Tyutin is paired with Poti, b/c Tyutin plays a solid 2 way game, while Poti will provide offense. (It's kind of an iffy pairing cuz Tyutin could get shelled with Poti if he isn't ready yet.) Then we have Kaspar and Kondratiev. Kondrat is a stay at home defensemen first and foremost, (he nevr leaves the blueline) but he posseses a decet shot from the point and can play a little offense if it doesn't jeopardize his position. Kaspar. can be careless with the puck sumtimes. but Kondrat will be there to covr for him as he is always in position. Then we have Pock and Rachunek. Pock being offensive, and Rach being d-fensive, but he can make the good outlet pass. If rachunek can play a decent defensive game, then this pairing is set.

Then we have the goalies, who will hopefully stop sumthing while we wait for our prospects. Larbarbera proves wut he can do as a regualr backup, and our goalies keep learning.

Those r my lines, love them or hate them, that's wut I think.

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