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02-04-2009, 09:00 PM
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Time to rebuild? Discuss...

So, as the trade deadline approaches we have to decide if we are going to be a buyer, seller or just do nothing.

This sparked the thought so I must give credit where credit is due.
Originally Posted by zenator1 View Post
Most years there are a bunch of teams out of it, who trade players for picks/prospects to contenders and contender wanna-bes. Usually they are UFA to be, sometimes not.

This year, the west is tight in the lower standings, last place St Louis is only 6 points out of 8th, all other teams are within 4 points of 8th.

In the east, Toronto, Tampa, Ottawa, Atlanta, and the Islanders look to be done.

Lets assume the west stays tight, or gets even tighter at 8th and below.

That leaves 5 teams, the Eastern doormats who are sellers, and want to trade Antropov, Kuba, Comrie, etc., for futures.

That would leave 25 teams that think they can at least make the playoffs in the NHL.

5 sellers, 25 buyers.

I know Florida might trade JayBo, and other contenders might move UFAs to be, but those won't be purely for prospects / picks, as those teams want to win now and will want players that are good now, along with a pick perhaps.

Does this drive up the cost of players (which has been stupid in recent years where Hossa gets a boatload, and even Rivet gets a first and an alright prospect) ?

Have there been other years in the past with a conference like the west this year / no team out of it ?

What will the cost be this year for players, when there is a shortage of available rentals ?
So should we be sellers? Many teams in the playoff race would want a grab players like Naslund, Rosival and if we are lucky, Gomez. The way we have been playing it's fairly obvious we are not getting past the 2nd round without tremendous luck and a red hot franchise goalie. The return we could get on these players with such big sellers market could really help us in the future and with future contracts to hold onto some of our up-coming UFA's this year and next. Also, We could take a chance and sign another big free agent if we really wanted to in the off-season if the price is right to help fill the 1st-line void. (This is New York, Many players want a chance to play here in the biggest stage on earth)


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