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02-05-2009, 02:14 AM
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Originally Posted by dedalus View Post
I know what you've written here; that's what I responded to. In truth I neither know nor care about any prior tantrums you might have thrown.

*chuckles* Actually no. Try reading and you'll note I have not responded to your ridiculous first post. Rather, I have exploded the laughable idea - presented in your "rebuttal" - that if no one else is arguing with you, it must be because they agree with you.

And now I have finished with you. You may take my advice or not as you wish. All I'll say in closing is that if you don't wish to be insulted personally, you should refrain from offering posts about people. Stick to hockey. You'll be happier and thus less apt to whining.
"And now I have finished with you". Dam, you sound creepy. You come out of no where and GOD knows, you don't even know what you're talking about. AWW "presented in my rebuttal." Sophisticated Count Dracula.

Yea alright man. I'll have some of what you're having!! "You may take my advice or not as you wish." Stop sounding so dramatic, like a wise man's tale or something. lmao.

You wanna talk hockey. Lets talk hockey. You wanna talk about how to rebuild a team "I'm your huckleberry." Thus, I would most likely explOOOde with laughter and Joy. Happiness will fill thy air at your rebuttle of what it takes to to re build the Rangers.

Listen to how hilarious and over dramatized this sounds. Seriously you're good. You have me practically pissing my pants. Here we go.

" Rathor, I, have expoloded to the laughable idea." Oh, very wise beyond your years sir. Do your self a favor. Don't walk around talking like you write and lets not get all cinematic on the HF boards.

"I shall have u know Monsieur , that I have not whined nor thrown tanter ums." I am a gentleman of the HF Boards and have thus spoken on my behalf on what it takes to build a chOOOmpion shiip team, you see and that it does not specifically requiOR a top ten pick." lmao. Keep it coming. I can't stop

Thank you. I have had a faaaaIRLy rough day you see. And thanks for the hilAAAriOUS post.

Mr. Dedalus scary name too. Whats funny is, other than this thread have you read anything I said. If you did and didn't say anything. You knew I was right. Because it's basic hockey blab.
But geeez did you come out of left field. Very intellectual annunciation I must say.

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