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02-05-2009, 09:48 AM
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Did I say let Hunwick walk? Or was I pointing out that he counts against the cap this year (as you tried to say he and the likes of Bitz and other young soon to be RFA's don't count against the cap either) and that his money would potentially be gone? Respond to what was written, not what you confuse as to what I am trying to say please. I ALSO said a KAB deal does NOT get done. But for the sake of this thread we can discuss it. Does 13.7 minus 6.7 = 7.7? Hmph. And here we go again with numbers. Next years cap hit, not including ANY upcoming UFAs/RFAs is 45.95M. So yes you will have work to do at that point, with given the 56.7 cap number you use, just 10.75 left to play with. The (rough) 16 I mention is what would potentially be leaving...

Originally Posted by Kaoz View Post
No, you're not getting it.

Next year we're already committed to 43 mill. Assume the cap stagnates and we're at 56.7 again.

Manny is gone, Thomas resigns for an incredible 3.5 per (very very optomistic). Add Rask and that's 6.7 gone for goalies. You're 13.7 mill comes down to 7.7 million. You resign Kessel and Krejci for 4 mill each, you're now over by 0.3 mill and we haven't added Kaberle yet. Having fun yet?

The 43 million we're committed too is for 9 forwards, 5 defensemen, and no goalies. Now the numbers I put forth are for 2 goalies, and 2 forwards which brings the count to 18 players. You need 21 to fill out a roster (gives you 12 forwards, 7 dmen, 2 goalies) I believe so we also need to bring up 3 replacements (figure a couple of 800,000 players) and now we're suddenly 2 and a half mill over the cap.

That's a quick and dirty breakdown, but you can see why it doesn't make sense for Boston to add salary. What you say about Tkachuk, and Morris (haven't seen too many Jbo or Jovo proposals personally) doesn't really apply because they're all expiring contracts. What's that, you want to let Hunwick, our best young and upcoming dman, walk?

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