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02-05-2009, 10:40 AM
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Originally Posted by Daniel Bigras View Post
Good arguments guys. That's what I refer to as well. It's too easy to call the Canadiens a religion, as it's insulting to a religion to call the Canadiens one.

We are still sore from the religion canvas that was put on our society, and we use religious swear words all the time, so it's kinda easy to make the connection. But a passion is not a religion.

While I do feel it's a faith, while I do feel it's something I'm fanatic about, I don't think there's any deity involved. But it's easy to see the positive impacts the Canadiens have on us as religious ones.

For example, as we might see in the story, I might have called the Bell Center my basilica, but I also changed my mind right away and called it my second home. I don't know what they kept or not.

At first, I also thought it had many similarities with a religion, but changed my mind recently. It's more than that to me and it's less than a religion to religious people.
Totally agree with that. We are talking about an analogy, a simple relation of similarities that do exist which makes it close. They also say car racing is a religion for Italians, even more important to them than Christianity. It,s just an analogy, nobody needs to get their panties in a bunch because the analogy is not 100% accurate. It still has a lot of similarities, which is the point of the analogy. Stating that their is no deity invoved is just ridiculous captain obvious, I mean, no duh genius. We still do worship the TEAM. That's the analogy. Get over it.

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