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02-05-2009, 06:44 PM
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Originally Posted by Sensational Spezza View Post
I can guarantee you that if Murray and Lombardi are discussing a trade for Spezza, Lombardi won't be the one who is picky

If you want Spezza, one of Kopitar, Brown, Doughty or Johnson would have to be coming back and with more included with pretty much everyone of them

We don't want your "could become a..." prospects like Teubert, Hickey, Bernier ect...

And for any L.A fans who think the first deal is a bad deal for the Kings, you should be ashamed of yourself and should immediately delete your HFBoards account and never return here again
The first "deal" in this thread is a primo vaseline job for Murray so you are definitely right about that.

You obviously have an attachment to Spezza based upon your username and Sens fandom but you are delusional if you think any of those four would be moved from LA.

Ottawa is the team in need of a new direction: not LA. LA has numerous bluechippers to stock the Ottawa cupboard and that is what Ottawa will get/request.

Perhaps you didn't read my initial post but a trade of Spezza is essentially an announcement that Ottawa is rebuilding. You need to understand this key point to be able to gauge what type of return he would receive.

Kopitar for Spezza would be straight up. Where does that leave both teams?

LA has the low-cost, high-end blue chip prospects that Ottawa lacks outside of Karlsson and Lee. If you are doing a re-build, and I think it would be a short one, you take as many as these top prospects as you can get while freeing up the CAP space to be active in free agency while tanking the living hell out of the rest of this season.

Continue to move some other pieces like Neil for more picks as this season goes on to bolster the prospect pool.

If you don't think they need to rebuild (have you been watching this team and see their point total?) and feel you need immediate help now, which will only hurt your draft position this year, then you are talking about O'Sullivan but that will change the deal.

OTT: Spezza, SJ 1st

LA: Teubert/Hickey, O'Sullivan, LA 1st, Boyle

Forget about Bernier so you can go ahead and pin all of your hopes on Elliot. Moller is out of the equation as well and LA will gladly keep him and hope he can replace O'Sullivan.

I'm a huge O'Sullivan fan but if I was in Ottawa's shoes, I'd take my original proposal and completely tank the rest of this season as you'd more than likely be better off in the long run and maybe even as soon as next year if you pick #1 or #2.

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