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08-12-2004, 07:43 PM
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Were the rangers to sign both lundqvist and montoya, where would they put all of these goalies?
So to avoid that unpleasent situation we sign none of them?

I would argue that it's much smarter to leave them where they are for the time being for several reasons. Both montoya and lundqvist are starters for their respective teams right now, and will get action in plenty of games.
There's no denying that, but especially with Lunqvist there is no denying that he should be over this season. Going with an all or nothing plan doesnt help anyone.

dunham, labarbera, blackburn, and valiquette (i think) are all signed. Once blackburn comes back (in november or december, whenever that may be) he will be able to start for hartford, giving us 2 goalies in hartford and 2 in new york. If both montoya and lundqvist were signed, 2 goalies of the six wouldn't even dress for games. at best, one of the big 3 would back up dunham and the other 2 would split time in hartford, leaving valiquette and laberbera in the stands. I mean, sure, they would get to work with the goalie coaches, but how worthwhile is that when you don't play enough games?
Well for starters Labarbera and Valiquette are not the future for this team in goal. And the issue isn't signing all of them so much as at least one of them. The argument for having all three in Hartford makes perfect sense, but there is no reason that at least one of them isn't in Hartford.

Playing less games is perfectly worthwhile if they are in a direction to get you to the NHL. If Lunqvist only played 35 games in Hartford it would still be worthwhile because he's getting adjusted to the north american.

All this team has done is delayed the situation for a year by signing none of them. Now next year this team is in another situation where they're gonna have two young goalies with nothing left to prove in their respective league's. That is a problem i have. By not signing either Lunqvist or Montoya we've just pushed the problem back till next year.

Meanwhile now our goaltending at Hartford will consist of Labarbera and whoever else till about 3 months into the season.

Of course this is assuming that Blackburn even can come back from December to April. He might need another year in Hartford on top of that.

There was enough room for at least one of these guys next year, at least Lunqvist. But it came down to money. The Rangers are trying to get cutesy and overplay their hand because they can tell the kid "Well we have player x here so we don't NEED to sign you". It's always when the Rangers try to get cute that they start screwing things up.

Secondly, god forbid we sign both goalies and then there is a lockout. this means one of the big 3 wouldn't even get to dress for hartford, and they'd be splitting games 3 ways. Why do that when all 3 could be starters, in the CCHA, AHL, and Finnish league, which are not bad leagues by any stretch of the imagination. I believe it's smarter not to sign them than to "put all your eggs in one basket."
Putting all your eggs in one basket is one thing, dumping the basket on the floor and leaving yourself with nothing is another.

Assuming their is a lockout, at least one of them could have been splitting the time with Labarbera for the first three months of the season. Afterwards it would be a little more of a three way split, but personally i really don't care how much icetime Labarbera gets after that point. He doesn't represent the future of this team in goal, so after that {we'll say Lunqvist because i think he is more pro ready than Montoya} Lunqvist and Blackburn get the majority of starts. Blackburn when he comes back is going to need time anyway, he's not just gonna jump and start playing.

There is no denying your point against signing both, but they needed to sign at least one. What essentially happened here is they overplayed their hand. They didn't get Lunqvist because they thought they were gonna sign Montoya, but when Montoya wasn't stupid and didn't sign the first contract put in front of him they were left with a hand full of nothing.

The Rangers will say all season this is how they wanted things, but believe me it's not what they planned. They'll insist it was their idea and they'll all cover for each other, but it's the same story from MSG. When something goes right, no one can wait to take credit. When something goes wrong, everyone goes into coverup mode.

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