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02-06-2009, 01:01 PM
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I just have one question to ask everyone jumping on our goalies case, do you think the flyers would have won the cup last year with Osgood in net??? Come on now, be honest and answer the question, would the flyers have won the cup if we had Chris fraking Osgood in net instead of Marty Biron???

Osgood has now won 2 cups as the starting goalie but in his time away from the Wings, when he was with the Islanders and Blues, he was worse than either Biron or Nitty. So, either Osgood is just an average goalie on a great team, hence PROVING that you CAN win the cup with an average goalie, or he's a great goalie that can carry a team to the cup, but only if they are named the Detroit Red Wings and not the New York Islanders or St Louis Blues. So which is it guys??? Chris frwaking Osgood seems to completely contradict this whole believe that only great goalies can win a cup.

Hell, I've only gone back to the most recent Stanley Cup winner too. We haven't even gone back to someone like Cam Ward who won the cup one year and then the next wasn't even "average" enough to get his team to the freaking playoffs. Hell, Hasek carried a far worse team in the Sabres to the playoffs than the Caners had the year after they won the cup and even Hasek wasn't good enough to win a cup until he was on a great Red Wings team.

Would we be better with a better goalie??? Sure. Hell we'd be better too if we had Pringer, J-Bo, Ovie, Iginla, Datsuk, Lidstrom and any of a list of about 100 other players. We are a better team right now than we were last year and look at how far we got last year. If, and yes that's a big IF, our goalies get hot in the playoffs we CAN win the cup, it happens a lot in the NHL where a hot goalie carries a lesser team to lift the cup. Hell, it's not even the best goalie who always wins the cup, just the one who is playing better AT THAT MOMENT!!!!

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