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Originally Posted by Sonny View Post
You've gotta be kidding dude. Name one playoff goalie from last year (hell, I'll even let you go back to the start of the decade) who has played like they did in the regular season as they did in the playoffs (and I mean played out-of-their-mind good), let alone the NEXT regular season following those playoffs.
Originally Posted by Sonny View Post
Brodeur: Checks out.

Kiprusoff: Did it once, and his stats have been worsening each year since.

Roy: Had a great run in 00-01. Came back with a strong 01-02, yet had a statistically regular playoffs that year. Came on strong again in 02-03, had a mildly worse playoffs, where he played just seven games. So, he's did it a couple times, but not consecutively.

Hasek: Checks out, save 07-08.

Giguere: Did it in 02-03. Has a very pedestrian 03-04, Anaheim doesn't make the playoffs. 05-06 Puts up very pedestrian numbers, playoff numbers worse. 06-07=obvious. 07-08 puts up great numbers, flops in playoffs. Has continued to play regular (when played at all) this season.

Miller: Aside from his 06-07 playoffs shouldn't even be mentioned. Nice try.

Nabokov: Played great in 00-01 regular season, nothing special in playoffs. 01-02 tells the same story. 02-03 puts up pedestrian numbers, doesn't play in the playoffs. 03-04 goes bat**** crazy and doesn't play much or well during 05-06. 06-07, 07-08 has played damn good in regular season and playoffs; is following those seasons with a nothing to write home about 09 (but yes, still very solid). Let's say from 06 on he checks out.

That means of the seven guys you named, only four of them live up to all of you peoples' "we need a bona fide superstar to win a mother****ing Cup" argument. Of those four, only three have done it consecutively, and only two of them can say they've had just one "off year."

And, oh yeah, three of those seven are generational goaltending freaks. Only three teams have someone in that category. That doesn't leave good odds for the Flyers to be one of them. And of those seven (6 if you'd like to leave out Roy for being retired, 5 if you think Hasek shouldn't have been relied on) only ONE did it last year (Nabokov).

Cup-quality goaltending just does not happen year in and year out from more than one or two guys.
Well you said to name one goalie that played as good as they did in the regular season as they did in the playoffs and he named Brodeur, Hasek, and nobokov who def did that and also Roy who always played well and Kiprusoff did as well and just happened to be aging which is why he has gone downhill. So theres 5 in the past 8 years or so. What was your point? Not to mention defense is tighter in the playoff which lowers scoring, doesnt always mean goalies played that much better.

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