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02-06-2009, 05:30 PM
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Its unfortunate but the kid has a hard head and fials to learn from his mistakes. I am quite sure that there are others on the team who also encourage this kid in several ways. One is to be supportive of his position and another is to provide negative attention. Both are just as bad. Your team mates have to know that they are NOT to give the comments of this loud mouth any attention, positive or negative. Do not be baited, do not rebutt.

A physical altercation will NOT settle this issue. It will escalate in ways you can not begin to imagine.

Involve your Coach ASAP, informing him of the situation, spedifically regarding your opinion on how derisive and explosive it has become. You might also consider having a short chat with his parents (quitely and aside from others who may over hear) regarding his on ice and locker room behaviors. Be factual and non-judgemental. If you are not comfortable with repeating the players comments back to his parents verbally, write them down. Walk up to both or one and simply hand it to them, state that these are things that "johnny" is saying to his team mates....and walk away. the boys parents may have more luck at correcting this behavior than any other.

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