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02-07-2009, 11:39 AM
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I have been a Flyers fan for a long time and it seems it is the same thing year after year. It is not so much how many goals our galies have let in it seems when and how they let them in that is the problem. At key points in the game when you need a big save we have rarely had a goalie that was capable of that consistently. Both Nitty and Biron have made some huge stops dont get me wrong, it is just that then they follow it up with a stinker and it really deflates the team IMO. Huge as well as routine stops at the right points of the game can cause huge momentum shifts.

I know it has been beaten to death that there are no real available options at the moment but I dont think that Holmgren and the scouts should let that deter them. They need to continue to draft goalies but need to do so more in the mid rounds rather in the late rounds. Has there ever been such a thing as a strictly "GOALIE SCOUT" maybe it is something to look into?? Think outside the box cause inside the box hasnt worked

Eventually they will find that diamond in the rough and I cant wait

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