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02-07-2009, 12:57 PM
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I am an avid board poster for about a year now, but i finally decided to sign up last night. I am honestly questioning why I am a Rangers fan anymore. I am from Edmonton Alberta, and i get badmouthed all the time for being a Rangers fan. I think Glen Sather really **** the bed, i liked our squad when we had the whole nylander/jagr thing with shanny and when prucha had some confidence.

I realize shanny is pretty much done now, but i still believe we should have resigned him, same with JJ, my all time favorite player. It bothers me that Sather just goes after any free agent he can get his hands on. We had a good euro east west puck control team, and he turned it into a lifeless boring team with minimal talent.

I wish i could have seen the Zheredev - Dubi -JJ line.

There was a reason Redden was on the trade block for 2 years in Ottawa and we go ahead and give him a NMC. couldn't beleive it. I feel like he doesnt even want to play.

Anyways im just disapointed, because i grew to love this franchise, i watched almost every game on centre ice last 2 years. Now its boring hockey with minimal talent and I have no reason to be a fan anymore.

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