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Originally Posted by phlocky View Post
Umm, ya, that's the point. There is an aweful lot of LUCK that goes into winnning the cup, rarely does the best team in the league actually WIN the cup, the Wings last year were one of the exceptions. What too many of you seem to miss is that all these guys are professionals and all pretty damn good. There's not a whole lot of difference between the best team in the league and the worst. Take this to the playoffs where injuries and players getting hot at the right time can make a HUGE difference and voila, the best team OFTEN doesn't win, case in point our first 2 rounds last year.

Here ya go, in 04 WE would have won the cup with Esche in net if it weren't for all the injuries we had on defense. We were a better team than TB AT THAT MOMENT and we'd have finished the cup run by beating the Flames. We came within one freaking goal of beating TB with having so many injuries on defense that we had to play a winger back on defense because we nothing else left.

Yes, the Canes won the cup with average defense, average goaltending and an average team all-around with a few star players who got hot at the right time and with a bit of luck won it all.

Look, I am NOT saying we wouldn't be better with a better goalie but a better goalie doesn't guarentee us a cup either. We could have had Brodeur for the past 10 years and STILL not won any cups. Brodeur wouldn't have beaten the Wings in 97. Chechmanik wasn't the problem when we scored only 1 goal in 5 games against the Sens so Brodeur wouldn't have won that series either. Garth Snow and Robert Esche both stood on their heads and looked like Hasek in the playoffs so tell me how a superstar goalie would have won us a cup with those teams.

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