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02-07-2009, 01:39 PM
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Player vs player we match up very closely to the Wings. Our defense may be slightly less than theirs but not by that much. The biggest difference in our 2 teams and the thing that makes them miles ahead of us is their system and coaching. We have all the tools. We have a good defense. Maybe it's not top 5 but it's certainly top 10 (I'd say right about #10). The thing that makes the Wings so good for so long is coaching and their system. The thing that has made the Devis so successful for so long is coaching and their system. If the Devils were only good because of Brodeur then they certainly wouldn't be leading the division with him out for almost the entire season. They are obviously more than just a one-man show goalie. Their defense isn't as good as ours. Their forwards aren't as good as ours. Without Brodeur their goalies aren't as good as ours. So why are they better than us??? The Devils do more with less and we don't come close to playing the best we can, that's all about coaching.

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