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02-07-2009, 03:51 PM
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Originally Posted by EmptyNetter View Post
And you're willing to bet the playoffs on that? Unless you have no faith in your coach I think you should tell him what's going on. If you're really as mature as you claim you're not above asking somebody else for advice. You could give him the head's up and say you'd like to handle it yourself if you feel that strongly about it. But think about the ramifications -- if the situation blows up and "problem child" or one of the other players gets badly hurt because of it who's going to get blamed? The coach will.

i never said i'm above asking for advice. That's exactly what i did with this thread. I said there's no room for the parents, not the coach.
I understand your point, but see it from my perspective. The same "cancerous" player and another teammate on the team got into a small altercation before, and as soon as it happened the coach found out. This altercation was both of the players faults and the only outcome was our team having a bagskate practice. I'm not opposed to skating when deserving, but the problem was left unsolved and now the two don't get along at all and there's no trust there, because they weren't given the opportunity to settle their own disputes.

I've gone to the coach numerous times when i feel something's out of my control or now that he'll be able to handle it better. I've taken advice before to make the better decision.
They haven't fought yet and i am still conflicted with the decision, and i made the thread to see what other people thought would be the better decision for a team.

my latest post was merely me making a claim that the players are old enough to not have to go to their own parents, however i never said turning to authority was out of the question.

Thanks again for the responses, it's helpful when trying to come up with the solution

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