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02-07-2009, 09:30 PM
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Originally Posted by kmd mode View Post
Well i ended up talking to each player seperately.

The "trash" talker- i told him how he really needs to stop all the mouthing off, and he agreed that he got out of hand, but now he feels the need to defend himself because then he'll just look like a punk. he mentioned he has no hard feeling with the guy and said if they actually fight which i asked him to avoid, he'll leave it at that.

the other teammate- i asked him about avoiding the fight, but he said he needs to send the message that talking about family just isn't okay, and wants to put the other kid in place. he also said he doesn't have any major problems with the smack talking teammate but he feels he has to do it.

i asked both of them to avoid the fight but they feel the need to actually fight. Given that information do you guys think it will be left at that fight and that's it or will it still carry on and if i should go to the coaches now?

The fight should take care of it. Both say they don't have any other issues with each other. You just need to make sure that nobody gets hurt or nobody else jumps in. Sometimes you just have to get on with your business so that you all can move on and get back to playing together as a team as you move into the playoffs. Hope it all goes well.

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