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08-13-2004, 08:06 PM
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Originally Posted by True Blue
Here we go again. Ok, we sign him. Now, which of these younger players does not get to play becuase we signed him? Either Tyutin, Pock, Kondratiev, or even Lampman will not get to play becuase of Simpson.
and how about this we have no toughness really in the lineup. so here we go again which one of our young players are going to get beat up on a daily basis, maybe lundmark, balej. pock, moore ( if he earns a spot) shall i go on cause we dont have no tough vets either if u think about it. holik is a puss@ and jagr and nylander are not gonna do anything against teams such as philly, toronto etc...

i think simpson would be good. some of these vets they sign ( sturdwick -lw or defense , simpson)could be used only against certain teams at certain times give the tougher guys starts against philly , toronto, nj etc and let the young guys or finesse players get some time agianst less tough teams. everything has to pan out . these young kids cant get beat up daily, u do understand that right???? they will be scared to death to carry the puck, without getting wacked or checked or something, toughness provides a sense of security. as long as there is toughness teams that have tough players will not go after guys cause they know the tough guys are here to protect, with out them that just gives brashear worrel tucker hordichuk etc to go after the young guys and goal scorers

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