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02-08-2009, 02:51 AM
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Originally Posted by HarryI View Post
Hey Erika, remember when Sergei passed on a breakaway to...nobody! Yea, I thought so.
Even if it was bad, Sergei isn't close to being our worst player. He's a 2nd year player and isn't the first to have a struggle season after a first good one.

Kovalev, Plek, A.Kost, Higgins should all be looked at before S.Kost. Even D'Ago hasn't been as good as he was earlier.

As for that breakaway, if his bro would have followed through with the play, it would have been a highlight moment.

In order, Kovalev, Plekanec, Higgins and A.Kost should all be criticized before Sergei.
Our D has also been beyond pathetic.

A.Kost shouldn't be paired with Kovy, he's pretty invisible when he's paired with him. I know Kovy is trying his best, but right now he's hurting the team more than helping it. He seems to bring down every linemate he's paired with.

I'd like to see Carbo impose some type of new system instead of just letting his players play and make new lines.
I seriously can not grasp the system of this team, it just seems completely disorganized.

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