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02-08-2009, 11:18 AM
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Originally Posted by Malakhov View Post
I love how its Melansons fault since Price is having problems.

Did you guys ever figure out why we always had good goaltending in montreal even with average to below average goaltenders like hackett, huet and all?

Yeah, that's right.

Thing is....if we ONLY go with stats, the average Hackett that you're talking about had those stats before joining the Habs:

1995-96 Chicago Blackhawks NHL 35 games: GAA: 2.40 / Save%: 0.916
1996-97 Chicago Blackhawks NHL 41 games GAA: 2.16 / Save%:0.927
1997-98 Chicago Blackhawks NHL 58 games: GAA: 2.20 Save % 0.917

With the Habs, he had seasons of :

1998-99 Montreal Canadiens NHL 53 games GAA 2.27 / Save % 0.914
1999-00 Montreal Canadiens NHL 56 games GAA 2.40 / Save% 0.914

Then the ordinary Hackett that Melanson turned out so great only played approx. 17 games per year for the following 3 years with Save % of .887, .904 + .926

I totally understand that he was our goalie during our darkest years....still if you look at Chicago's record for the last 2 seasons he was with them, it wasn't as great either. Seems to me that Hackett has started to turn it around before he joined the Habs. So Melanson might have helped him keeping it that way, but to say that Hackett is a product of Melanson is not true.

I could go even as far as to say that Huet also had turned it around before...

2003-2004: 42 games, GAA 2.43, Save % .907 for the Kings that were out of the playoffs and finished with 81 points, Luc Robitaille finishing 1st in scoring with 51 points in 80 games.....he did have superior numbers with the Habs but with a much superior team.....

I think everything needs to be put in perspective here. I love when people blame others that some put Theodore, Price and all our stars on a pedestal while the same peopel are doing the same for Melanson, Gainey and others....Melanson is part of the coaching staff and has every right to be judged the same way than the players and the rest of the coaching staff is. I'm personnally not saying to fire him.....but I'm not ready to state that he's the reason why all of our goalies suddenly deveoped into something great either....

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