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02-08-2009, 12:45 PM
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Originally Posted by AlDiMeola View Post
Nice job mr. Bigras.

I tend to think that if you were at 110%, with the kind of opinions and approaches you might have, Jean-Charles Lajoie would try to shut you up.

And how do you plan on forcing their hand?
If Ron Fournier cannot shut me up, I don't think JC can. I often talk with Ron, Martin Lemay on the radio and often have lenghty discussions. I'm used to talk on the radio, and TV is becoming easier, as it's my 5th appearance.

I was in a debate on Canada AM on CTV in 2004, during the playoffs where all 6 Canadian teams made it. And I was the one talking the most.

How to force their hands?

I think I will need support from everyone, I think I will need to show them that I can be an asset to at least one show. That I can handle a show and take my place and not be crushed by these debatters.

My objective is long-term, I hope I can bring a fan voice to this world of paid professionnals. The same way an older rookie player would be extremely excited to play for his favorite team, I would be extremely excited to be able to fullfil a dream.

The whole thing needs to be positive. I made a lot of mistakes online, here also, and I was too negative in the past. I want to bring a positive, well thought-out attitude from now on.

Originally Posted by 49K View Post
T'as faite une criss de bonne entrevue. :-)
Merci. C'est gentil. :-)

Thanks, that was nice of you.

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