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Originally Posted by 3TB3 View Post
im with em too, but i dont like the gm because of his moves and non-moves.

who do you think will go outy and gert the deal done at the trad deadline to help their team to the playoff chase? phillys, washingtons, san jose's gm etc. or gainey?

2 years in a row i remember the stories the rumors the posters the radio, the tv on gainey is looking to get hossa or whoever then does nothing and makes excuses and fans here keep swallowing it.

i remember pollock- gainey couldnt shine pollocks gm shoes. although gainey was a very good checking forward.
First of all in regards to Mr. Pollock, he was a great GM and his record speaks for itself- 9 stanley cups in 14 years i think. However that was in the 70's and 80's in a totally different era. There was no Salary cup to worry about, far less teams and Montreal was the place to play hockey if you wanted to win a championship. So much has changed since then. Players today would probably rather take the money and play elsewhere and not have to deal with all the pressure assoicated with playing in Montreal and at the same still find a team that has just as good if not better chance at winning a championship. Thats not even mentioning the taxes and weather which as sad as it is influences FA's decisions to sign here. But like I said cant argue with his success but its SO hard to compare eras.

As for Mr. Gainey, i'mm probably one of the few fans who still has faith in him and am happy with the job he and his staff as done over the past several seasons. I shiver every time i think about our late 90's teams. We've come along way since then.

In response to Gainey not pulling the trigger any the major deals, that criticism is fair. However, from what has been reported i think he made the right decisions the majority of the time. For example, im glad he didnt give up all those assets to acquire Hossa last year b/c theres wasnt a chance in hell he was going to sign here. Gainey did everything he did to lure Sundin here but at the end of the day it was Sundins decision theres only so much you can do.
Speaking of this year, im hoping he does something to supplement our team and help add additional depth. I am personally hoping for a dman and maybe a shakeup up front. It easier said then done however, you look at the standings and there arent many sellers out there. Look at the west standings , pretty much every team thinks they have a chance. So its a matter of finding the right fit not just making a trade for the hell of it. Im sure he knows we have areas to address and is trying to do it. Whether something happens remains to be seen.

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