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02-08-2009, 03:35 PM
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Originally Posted by rgolt View Post
new york rangers say hello
Rangers are so great that they're thinking of bringing Avery back....isn't a little bit desperate.

Anyway, I remember that everything is always about stats with some people. We win, we had to play great, we lose, we had to suck. I'm interested in really seeing how we're playing so we could be in the greatest preparation ever to face a much harder challenge in the playoffs. What's the regular season all about anyway? Games so we could be entertained and have fun AND the longest preseason ever so we'd be invited and ready for the REAL season. So this year, so far, we were not entertained that much, most of our stars are underperforming, we still are amongst the invitees (which is the great news), but we're definatley not playing to be ready, nor are we building any confidence amongst our players, nor are we building the right work ethic, and we're certainly not playing to be ready to suffer way more than we're suffering right now.

But again, if people are satisfied, with what they've seen so far, great for you. But as much as people keep repeating the fact that we're 4th in conference to explain how great we are, it could be important to say that 1 win from different teams and we could be 7th just like that? The 9th position is not that far away....and actually who cares how we were before the ASG if the slump lasts 1 month? It's crunch time, we need to upgrade our play right about now, like most teams are doing, the teams that can do it. We'll see soon if we can. This trip will tell us what kind of team we're having.

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