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02-08-2009, 02:40 PM
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Originally Posted by Kovalev the Great;17800584if that's true ... mtl loses with price in nets after a bad performance , he should be critisized . Not because he's not a great goalie ... its just that at this point , everybody takes for granted that he's all of fame material ... and NOBODY in the media dared to say that there is a [B
possibility[/B] that he wasn't going to be a STAR.

when halak looses : '' he has to make those saves in order to keep his team in the game'' ... when price looses '' he can't do everything by himself'' ...

imo until price proves to be dominant when it counts , he's just an above average, reg season goalie prospect.
I don't know where you don't see Price being criticized. He is regularly. Demers mentioning how he doesn't like how Price handles himself. Dubé hates how Price practices, and tons and tons of other comments. Do you know why the medias don't tell us that it's possible he's not going to be star? 'Cause contrary to most people on this board, they'll have to live with their comment. There will always be a tape or a written article to proove how stupid you were for saying that finally he's a bust. But rarely on this board, will some people come back with their own comment to say how wrong they were.

Price has all the tools to be a star like it or not that's fact. He's big, has great hands to play the puck (needs to be a faster and have more awareness as to what to do with it now...), moves pretty fast (not fast enough for me), in great days, has really great positionnal skills. Now, he needs to work on the mental aspect of the game big time. What the organization is at fault here is to have thought that he was readier than he actually was. They thought he was tougher mentally. He's not and has a long way to go to achieve it. But I actually believe that he can. Not yet though, too soon for him, at least in my opinion.

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