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02-08-2009, 04:37 PM
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Originally Posted by Andrei Kostopolous View Post
but this goes back to my original question. What do these teams do differently. We are talking 10 years now of very little star power that has manufactured by this organization. A winning atmosphere sure helps. Is it the fact some teams have their minor leagues use the same system so a player can come up and now their role and expectations? Are we putting guys in positions to succeed with proper supporting cast? Are guys being restricted in their development in order to improve other areas of their game.

Montreal seems to be getting guys to a level and not beyond. We all see flashes of Higgins and AKosts but why can't they hit that next level.
Well, we just don't have the personnel of a NJ or Detroit. It's not because our coaches and training staff are bad, but it's because they haven't won anything. Same thing with the leaders on the team. Does that mean they'll never win anything? Of course not, but it's more of a struggle to start winning than it is to become consistent winners. It took NJ and Detroit a lot of suckage before they got to where they are now. Not all their personnel when they were hired were known as winners, either.

One issue with the Habs is that the media never let this team tank so they don't have the benefit of any top picks other than the lucky year we got Price. But don't hold that against Gainey or company. We will never have that quick shortcut, but it isn't his fault. Even NJ sucked once and got high picks. But we just don't have that luxury in Montreal.

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