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Originally Posted by Maurice Richard View Post
I think the Habs have ruined his career .The kid has totally lost it , hes having a comeplete breakdown .It was all he could do to keep from sobbing on national television .They rushed this phenom because its the 100 year celebration .The kid was started losing it in the playoffs , he should of been mentored and brought along slowly .He will never be the same , its best to flog him some other team and get what they can for him now .he will never be a a #1 goalie in Montreal , he cant handle the pressure , too bad .
Oh boy

The Kid has a rough 2 week stretch and this is what happens? Come on guys! The first half of the season Carey was pretty good I thought. Then he ran into injury trouble and has struggled to regain his form. He is a 21 year old kid in his first full season as a number 1 goalie. I cant believe the number of people who are giving up on him and saying he is done. Did you guys expect him to come and dominate the league from day 1? That rarely happens with young goalies. Its not the 70's , hes not Dryden and he doesnt have that same caliber of team playing in front of him. I think Carey has been a victim of his own success and been placed under to much pressure and expectations to be the next Roy or Dryden. Let him be Carey Price and watch him develop. Sure he has been inconsistent and his confidence is down now but theres no doubt he will bounce back. It's a team game and the team needs to play better in front of him too. Really! Come on.

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