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Originally Posted by holyhabs87 View Post
sergei - saku - a-kost...sergei plays with the 2 players he has had most success with as a hab. a-kost finally the go to guy. brothers playing together along with saku's effort should create a solid work ethic from this trio.

maxpac - lappy - kovy or doubt maxpac and lappy will bring the effort every game. so place them with our most skilled player who has two guys who can get the pucks in the corner.

higgins - plek - d'ago or kovy...only line i really do not like. plek is useless. but as a 3rd line center just keep it simple and play solid defense. higgins is a great 3rd liner imo. dago is most effective on the top 2 lines. this line lacks a player who can carry the puck. so maybe switch kovy and dago. but kovy and plek is not working at all this year

laraque - begin - kosto...typical fourth line. gotta think about stewart and dandy playing here as well. this is all about energy.

all this shows is there is a real lack of finish on our team. with kovy not producing at all basically after a-kost there is no real and proven threat from the slot. even a-kost has his doubters.

these are all brand new line so they may look stupid but what the hell....losers of 7 out of our last 9...we have to do something to find a spark.

although i do think maxpac - koivu - akost would be a very solid line. i wouldnt like any combination of our next 2 lines.
Originally Posted by Stradale View Post
Pacioretty-Koivu-A. Kostitsyn

Dont care about the rest, they will probably gonna suck anyway but put these three together and we might have something.

EDIT: Damn.. after 53 games, this team doesnt have a real 1st line yet.

Those are my line as well.

S.Kost - Koivu - A.Kost
MaxPac - Lappy - Kovy
Higgins - Pleck - Dago
Kosto - Begin - Laraque

First line puts the Kost bros and all their talent but occasional lack of motivation - especially S. Kost - with a guy that to me personify courage and determination. As well S. Kost had is best moment playing with Koivu last year, A. Kost get to be on the right wing and to be the shooter of is line with 2 great passer with great vision and hockey sense.

Second line puts the inconsistent Kovy with 2 guys that always give it all and have lots of speed so they might rub of some energy on him and should be able to come back quickly to try and repair his turnover. As well they can both win battle along the board and go to the corner to retrieve puck for Kovy, then go to the front of the net to screen the goalie on Kovy usually great shot and take rebound.

Third line gives us a new take on the old CAT line, where Dago take Andrei's place as the shooter. Pleck can go back to being the main puck carrier on his line, like he used to be when he was succesfull 2 years ago on the CAT line and again but to a lesser degree last year on the ATAK line. This gives us a line with 3 fast players with good 2-way game, and both Higgins and Dago can win battles along the board to make up for Pleck.

Fourth line is the typical grinder line, some speed and heart, plays dump and chase, cycle the puck low, and hurt and tires the other team with hits and battles along the boards.

As you guys already mentioned, MaxPac - Koivu - A.Kost would probably be pretty good also, leaving us with something like Higgins - Lappy - Kovy and S. Kost - Pleck - Dago for the other line. Not bad, but not as well balanced IMOO.

Final comment about lines and chemistry: even though I generally like Carbo's job so far as a coach, stop with the line changes trying to find chemistry. I understand some of those are due to injuries, but it seems most of them are to find the combination that have chemistry or to shake things up sending messages. Well, in my experience instant chemistry is rare, that's probably why he has not found it yet, instead its something that skilled player with good hockey sense develop after playing together for a while.

As someone else said chemistry is way overrated anyway as long as the team plays a well defined system, where it does not matter who you play with because every one plays the same way, just with different skill level.

What a line of skilled player with good chemistry ( think the Heatly-Spezza-Alfredson line in Ottawa) allows you to do is set them free from the system and let them be creative in the O zone, allowing them to adapt to different situation and team better and on the fly, making them harder for other team to stop because they don't follow the same rule as every one else.

Our problems is that most night carbo's system seems to be to let our top 3 line be creative in the O zone. Given that most of our top 9 forward don't have the skill level of the player on the Ottawa line mentioned above and that carbo keep changing the lines, we get what we have seen lately, lots of turnover, pass to no one, etc...
That's also why most night Lappy's line and to some extent Begin's line are our best line because they play a simple system that's familiar to any hockey player, dump and chase.

That leaves us with 2 solutions as far as I'm concerned.

Either come up with a real system and tell every one to play it, no exception. In the mean time dump and chase for every one will do, we have enough speed to make it work as long as the lines are somewhat balanced in term of skill and grit and that every one skates hard all the time.

Or make line based on player with complementary skill set (similar to the line proposed above), instead of chemistry perceived once upon a time, and then keep them together for the rest of the season even if they don't perform right away and help them identify patterns in each others play so they can better anticipate what each one will do and develop a system that work for them.

Or even better, do both. So on night when the chemistry, fancy play,and using the "force" to anticipate what your linemate is going to do does not work, you can fall back on the team system and not look lost for an entire game.

Sorry for the long post, rant over and hope I made sense.

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