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02-09-2009, 12:54 AM
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Originally Posted by hockeysense View Post
A great post by someone on another board.

"Hockey on a professional level - or anything beyond a collegiate level has a much greater degree of competitiveness. This translates into players who want to go on professionally to become much more aggressive, and to do whatever they believe must be done to earn a spot on a team - and this includes things like cheap shots, spontaneous stick swinging, and other actions that are dangerous to other players.

Fights in hockey were originally a response to that, but grew to include intimidation tactics that would keep other team's players from performing, as well as to "protect" their smaller skilled players (ask Gretzky if he didn't find the presence of McSorely reassuring). Once fighting loses the purpose of keeping players from taking cheap shots, swinging sticks and intimidating other players, it does detract from the game",

Fighting to intimidate isn't a part of hockey - only to protect. Period.
You're kidding me right? You do realize you're a leafs fan who has had the likes of tie domi and dirty tucker on your team?

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