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Originally Posted by 3TB3 View Post

gainey and carbo has lost the confidence of too msany of these players exactly since these rumors were not completely shut down or a trade was made.

i remember a real habs gm - pollock if he made a trade for a mahovlich or a duff or whoever there NEVER were rumors before it happened. never said 'i'm interested in so and so' like gainey does then he does nothing.
There are never any rumors before BG makes a move either. How many times has a rumor resulted in what Gainey did?

You are posting on a board discussing the rumor mill which you are part of and which did not exist in Pollock's time. There is so much more information available today that the truth gets lost in the shuffle. Take Eklund for example, he has created more hype than anybody, threads are created to discuss these fictional trade proposals and then a genius like you blames Gainey for the trade not occurring.

When was the last time you heard Gainey say he was interested in somebody? He is criticized for not saying enough and never speaking to the media. Here you are ripping into him, again, for rumors not of his doing. Whatever, you are not credible because it's clear you have an ax to grind.

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