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02-09-2009, 11:30 AM
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Originally Posted by strungout View Post
Bah, that's likely true. But I think you're going to see quite a change in voting if Green keeps this up at this rate. He's changing things.

I don't think it's fair to compare numbers from those 80's teams with the numbers from today. Two different balls of wax when comparing talent pools and styles of play. I mean, over the past 5 years the threshold for leading defensmen in point has been, what, 80 by Lidstrom a few years back? If Green hits 80...with a +/- in the 30 range (which is the key)...I think he has a really good shot at winning the thing when all things considered.

We'll see. I think it'll be close.
I'm not slagging on Green by any means, but I do think Chara has it locked up. I will say this: I think there is an excellent chance that Green picks up more Norris 'points' than Lidstrom this year in the end-of-year vote. That's insane, but Green is having a strong enough year in terms of production to do it.

Chara, though, is dominating games through sheer physical presence. The numbers are respectable to very good, but it's the way he takes over games on the defensive side of the puck. It's not even his hitting or fighting, although that's part of it. Chara is simply everywhere on the ice this year. Boston's dominating conservative game plan, which has them tops in the NHL, runs through Chara this year.

Green will give you 2-3 points a game, but he doesn't control games to the same extent as does Chara this season.

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