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02-09-2009, 01:47 PM
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Originally Posted by leaky37 View Post
Schenn is worth way more then Bergeron! I mean schenn almost got a full season under his belt at 19 and is close to passing Bergeron in total GP
And Bergeron is 10X as talented as Schenn.

Joke=Not funny.

I'm sick of stating that we don't want Bergeron,
Good thing you're not a GM. If Burke was offered a 2 time 70 point shutdown center at just 23 years old, he'd hop on that deal.

we would rather get a draft pick and a prospect for Kubina because teams would gladly give that up for him.
Pick+Prospect>>>>>>>Proven, young, 70 point shutdown centers.
We never once said that Bergeron is a bad player, but due to his recent history of concussions his value has dropped whether Bruins fans like it or not.
Maybe to other teams. Not to the Bruins. Is that hard to understand? His recent history of concussions, is just about as long as Kaberle's.

Really who wants to trade for a guy that missed 93 games in the last 2 years with a concussion?
Who would want to trade for:

20-30 goal scorer
40+ assist
70+ point
Great leader
23 years old

Every team in the NHL would want him if he were put on the block. Luckily, the Bruins aren't run by idiots.
Sure he is a great deal of talent but seriously right now there isn't much value for him to be traded by the bruins, he is more valuable right now for them to keep him.
Yea.... And?
Stop right there, don't bring up Kaberles concussion because its not the same situation.
But it is.
As for the Kaberle for Ward and a pick proposal you made, Toronto is in rebuild mode so I seriously doubt that they would trade for Veterans unless its a salary dump and they are UFA's
But Ward is cheaper than Kaberle. According to Leafs fans Cap space is much better than talent.

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