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02-09-2009, 11:00 PM
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Originally Posted by Icewind Dale View Post
I was the one comparing him to Lecavalier. That's what I see his ceiling to be. The point wasn't that teams that are rebuilding wouldn't want a 30 year old. That's common sense. I pointed that out. I said my issue was that people think that a prospect who might turn out to be an all-star has more value than a current all-star. I don't think I really need to provide examples where the perceived value of trades on this boards favours prospects and draft picks over proven players. Do I?

Regardless of those stats, Kaberle is an all-star defenseman. That is fact. 3 of the last 4 seasons he has been one. If far, far, far = a handful of games removed from the all-star game, then yes, we agree. As for -12, well, the Leafs have the worst GAA and save % in the league, while being 8th in the league in shots against. Kaberle plays the majority of minutes. Conclude from that what you will.
Mark Streit is +2 on a team with one of hte worst GAA in the league,and is leading the team in TOI - conclude from that what you will. The fact of the matter is good dmen will put up decent numbers -even on a bad team. Kaberele is simply having a crappy indifferent season.

But, beyond that point, you are talking about a dman who has failed to lead his team to the playoffs for three consecutive seasons. Wondering why a rebuiding team would not want to trade a potential cornerstone draft pick for a player of this ilk is not sensible, IMO.

If you are drafting in the top 10, and are a non-playoff team, you don't consider moving your pick unless you are getting back a guy who is a difference maker, and can be the core of your team for years to come. Kaberle is certainly not that player. I'm not even sure Datysuk is that player since he is 30ish and will be past his peak by the time a team like the Isles have if finally competitive.

Incidently, in my experience, fans are alwasy willing to talk about the value of proven talent when stripping away another team's picks and youths. But, usually they are not as eager when it involves their own team giving up the future.

So, how about this one: Mark Streit for the Leaf's 1st rounder straight up. According to you, an All star dman (who, btw, has outpointed Kaberele for two consecutive seasons and has been far stronger in his own end this season) is easily worth a top five pick. I am assuming then that you would make this move?

Man, do I ever miss Oleg Kvasha. If Oleg was here, everything would be OK.

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