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02-10-2009, 12:26 AM
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Originally Posted by Go Habs Go View Post
Gainey is not the bloody problem. If anything, its Houle, Molson and Corey's fault for putting us in this situation, for destroying the winning spirit of the team. We would've never had to rebuild and not traded our cornerstone players for trash.
Winning Spirit? The entire management, roster and Bell Center staff has had a 100% turnover (other than our enigmatic captain, Koivu)!

Don't apologize for Bob Gainey's questionable dealings.

He isn't as bad as people are making him out to be, at the beginning of the season we seemed unstoppable but there are several factors affecting us:

a. Slump. Bad play, poor motivation etc...
b. Injuries. Tanguay is easily the most talent forward on the team (even moreso than Kovalev given his age and ability), Lang was our leading scorer and Price is still injured. RELAX
c. Softness and lack of drive. Markov is the perfect example of a "Euro" player. It's sad to say. He's leading the team in scoring yet he rarely hits and rarely "turns it up". Plekanec is a decent 2way player yet he plays like he's made of fine china.
d. Luck. We've had everything go against us all year. Nothing more to say
e. Powerplay. Without our powerplay teams play rougher, and tire us out more which in turn deteriorates our overall play completely.

That being said, Gainey should trade Plekanec or Kovalev to wake the rest of the team up.

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