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02-10-2009, 12:56 AM
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Originally Posted by couz View Post
Lack of vision by Gainey...what he did was upgrade on Ryder and Smolinski.

He didn't address our evident weakness which was visible in the playoffs...grit,size,another Dman, character.
Lack of vision?...please man.

We lost in the POs due to Price collapsing. I don't even think it's fair to criticize Price actually because of how lucky the Flyers got.
Biron played like a magician, we touched about 20posts/game and Umberger scored any time, any where he touched the puck.

I don't think we lacked grit, size, another D, character.
I don't see how you can lack character when you lose 2 back-to-back games and pull out a win in Game7, versus possibly the most gritty team in the East.

I do agree we might have lacked a bit of size upfront. That's why Gainey went for a big center. He tried with Sundin, but landed Lang. He also added Laraque to bulker up.
So, I think it's fair to say he did add size, on top of another good 1st liner with 80pts potential.
We had grit last year, we never backed down and always came back..Need I remind you of the 5-0 comeback??..or the 3-0 one vs NJ and Brodeur??..We always came back last season. That shows grit and character.

The 4-1 loss in the POs versus the Flyers isn't the way to sum up the whole season. One serie doesn't reflect your team.
Size was a big issue, and he added some.

You can't say Gainey had a lack of vision because he couldn't foresee almost all of his players would get injured at some point only halfway through this season.
There's no way he could predict 6-8 of his most important players would fall into a slump at the same time.

No big or impactfull trades have occurred so far this season, we don't know what's going on behind closed doors. Not one GM has made a trade, and a lot of teams could use reinforcement.

We'll see by deadline what he tries, but blaming him or saying he lacks vision is just foolish.
Over his years, our team has become better, if you can't admit that then you're a lost case.

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