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08-15-2004, 12:15 AM
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we need a franchise guy. I think Jessiman comes the closest to that, but not quite.
i think the problem is that jessiman isn't a sure fire franchise type guy...he has the potential to be a franchise player but it's not the sure thing. a guy like ovechkin you can look at and go "yeah he's franchise for sure". jessiman you go "welll...if he really maxes out his potential he could be a top powerforward in the league and franchise player...but who knows if he can do that"

if he maxes out, jessiman will be a franchise's more likely he becomes a good 1st liner compared to that though (and of course that's not a guarantee either and i'm not saying he will become that)

i guess what i'm saying is that jessiman has the raw talent and physical tools to be an amazing player...but he's a MUCH bigger question mark to reach that than a guy like ovechkin who has the talent, tool, and has put it together

hopefully the rangers can pick up a "sure fire" franchise player in the next draft.

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