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Originally Posted by Kimota View Post
I will always hate what Carbo and Gainey did to Huet. I remember this like it was yesterday. Carbo for no reasons started pointing fingers at Huet at a time where Christo had really found his game. He was our goalie, maybe finaly becoming a top golaie for the first time since he got here. The press and fans were wondering what was that all about this "calling out". Then shortly after they called back Price to be Huet's backup, little things to attack Huet's confidence. And then in the blink of an eye they trade him for peanuts. Even though Bob had promised Huet he would warn him if he would be traded. Not only that but the arrogance they showed in thinking their cherished young prospect would become another Dryden/Roy in the playoffs. Huet was our guy and they should have signed him for three years. He would have cost a lot less for us that he asked on the free agency, maybe 3.5 or 4. Bottom line, you should stick with your man, not sees stars in your eyes like you're in a dreamworld just because you have a talented prospect. The Bruins stuck by Thomas and he's giving them his all every game like it's his last.

That's an underline of Gainey's regime so far: lack of respect. Lack of respect toward Huet, Streit, Sourey, Rivet. Warriors that had this team at heart. They prefer floaters, prefer POTENTIAL over on-ice results.
You have a really skewed perception of reality. I liked Huet alot but to think that he was an impending UFA and was about to get a hefty raise with Halak sitting in the wings as a steady backup I would have done the same thing. Why pay $4-5M for a long term goalie with your designated #1 (Price) ready to compete for the spot?

Gainey didn't disrespect any player. He sent Rivet to a Cup contender and got a fine D in Gorges and a pick which turned out to be a steal for us. That was brilliant but you make it seem he sent Rivet to Siberia.

Streit wanted to play D, made that known very clearly and managment made a choice to progress O'Byrne rather than to pay $3M to a guy they thought was a bottom pair D. Nobody could foresee O'Byrne taking a step back like he did.

Souray was offered $5.5M and he walked away and then settled for the same money in Edmonton when nobody else came forward. How exactly did Gainey disrespect him? Even Souray admitted that Gainey's first priority should be to sign Markov.

It seems that if he trades an impending UFA he is gutting the team and disrespecting the player BUT if he keeps the player and loses him for nothing he is just a bad GM with no foresight. He can't win when a poster with some hate cherry picks his info on a mission to convince people he is a bad GM.

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