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02-10-2009, 08:01 AM
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Originally Posted by gc2005 View Post
Here's a fun exercise, let's name current GM's in the league who have won a Stanley Cup. Ready? Here we go...

Ken Holland, Detroit
Jim Rutherford, Carolina
Brian Burke, Toronto
Lou Lamoreillo, New Jersey
Bob Gainey, Montreal

That is all.
You know the funnier exercise about it? Is that winning 1 Cup doesn't necessarily mean you're a star GM as well? Who here hate Burke and thinks he's overrated? Himself said that he inherited the team from Bob Murray, you know the Bob Murray that everybody says sucks.....And then as great as Lamoriello is, most people are saying that all his years, the system had one name....Brodeur. And then it didn't stop him from being a stupid guy and fire Julien while thinking he would do better....And then, Jim Rutherford....I mean, anybody here cherish Rutheford 'cause he won that famous cup?

So you win a cup, it means you can't do no wrong.....great analysis....Only Holland has a free pass in my books 'cause not only he won Cup(s), but his team is always on top of the league year after year. And I can tell you that other GM's that haven't won are amongst the best as well.

Enough of those free passes, we need results. Yeah...Habs fans are soooooo demanding....what's 15 years without seeing a 3rd round. Winning before doesn't necessarily means winning after. Knowing what it takes to win in the old NHL is not the same as winning in the new one. Things change, you need to adapt. Some can, some don't. Problem is, and while I'm not Gainey and Carbo best friends, it's great to ask to see them fired....but do people have any idea who can take their place? At one point if you want people to be fired, please come with an idea of who can take their place.....if nobody comes in mind....why talking about it then?

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