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02-10-2009, 08:46 AM
Ross MacLochness
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Originally Posted by saints96 View Post
i agree. everyone laughed at me when i used to say julien is the best coach in the nhl. its only 3-4 seasons ive been saying hes a great coach. And i got ridiculed for that. Ill say one thing, julien will out coach carbo every game with no sweat!
Julien had a lot to learn. He had a decent rookie year and the players listened to a fresh voice... but he was a pathetic coach in 2005-06, and that's putting it politely. The team was a joke the entire year, getting dominated early in the season but squeezing out miraculous wins (Cardiac Kids). Then the wheels completely fell off and January 2006 was like the last ten games of this year multiplied by a thousand. Juliens last game, we played in Colorado, and the first period of that game made last nights second period look like a hall of fame performance. He had to go.

The jury is still out on Carbo. Jack Adams nominations mean jack ****. If this team collapses and missed the playoffs for the 2nd time in 3 years, he's gotta go. And hopefully he is the last rookie head coach for a long, long time. This market isn't where you learn as you go.

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