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02-10-2009, 09:57 AM
Maurice Richard*
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Sergei is useless as is Latendresse , what the heck is Sergie doing trying to stickhandle through the entire Flames team last nite and gives up a centre ice breakaway to Lombardi who scores as often as a fat guy at a singles bar but of course he turns into Guy Lafleur on the break away!!Brutal Brutal and Brutal .I was glad to see Latendresse get hurt , how the heck he made Team Canada WJC is beyone me (french quota thing), although when it counted Coach Sutter kept him collecting slivers on the pine anybody slower in the entire NHL??? He is supposed to be a power forward , um yeah ok .Its time to hold these guys feet to the fire , maybe we need a hard ass coach like a Sutter to come in and right the ship .Price the way hes playing the WJC are gonna be the hi lite of his career , terrible ,lets in horrible goals at the worst possible times , same applys to Halak ..Cristobal where are you ???? I like Dag and Pax , hopefully they dont get ruined .I like Chippy , i think Markov should be untouchable and is the only untouchable i think .I used to think Komi was untouchable but lately he looks no better than Wade Belak .I dont see a turn around anytime soon , although one great thing we are gonna be entering the Tavares sweepstakes soon ..maybe we can win that in our 100th year !!

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