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02-10-2009, 01:39 PM
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Originally Posted by tiredman View Post
so, you think the players have to be shown the way to play a "system" ? what kind of system are you expecting ?

we don't even have the players to player to play a defensive system... so we can forget it. the best offensive system is to let the players use their damn creativity. they played hockey their entire lives i'm sure they know how to score goals by know. not a mediocre system where a player is forced to execute a play just to make rush we remove all their creativity. btw, have you ever wondered why there's no forwards coach in the league ?

the coach, carbo, has done an excellent job. when players makes mistakes, you can often see him on tv giving advices to players to make sure this mistake won't happen again. and that's the best way to teach offense.
Yes! Players need to be shown how to play a system. That's the coach's job! Why have a coach otherwise?

Look at NJ, or the Wild. They have very technical strategies and systems in place to maximize defensive coverage, minimize mistakes, keep shots to the outside, and be in the best position for breakouts. The Habs have none of this. Our defence runs around our own zone with no semblence of organization or structure. It's completely retarded. On teams with a system, you'll see each player play a certain role depending on who has the puck, where they are on the ice, what is happening at any given moment, etc...

Look at Detroit. The forwards don't dominate because they're just "good". They dominate because they have a system in place that makes the most of their speed and talents. Their breakouts are structured. They enter the zone and set up in a structured way. Look at the way the forwards enter the zone in Detroit...Depending on the order of who enters the zone, you'll see the players get set up into specific spots on the ice and start cycling. For example, if Zetterberg is F1 (first forward to enter the zone) he has the puck and does something specific. Then Datsyuk is the second forward to enter the zone (F2) and he does something else, and so on...Then, maybe next time they enter the zone, Datsyuk is F1 and Zetts is F2...Well, Datsyuk will do what Zetts did the first time, and vice versa.

It's not just chance. There's a complicated structure in place that the coach developped to make the most of what his players can do. It isn't just Zetts and Datsyuk being awesome and figuring out ways to score goals.

Yes, creativity comes into play, but it's all based around a system. That's why some players thrive on some teams and not on others.

The Habs have none of this. Every player seems to just do completely random things, like Kovalev who takes it into the zone, dekes twice and loses the puck. Where is the structure in that?

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