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02-10-2009, 11:21 PM
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Originally Posted by loadie View Post
I don't recall these threads being around last year when we were first in the Conference. If the Habs go on a roll and win 6 or 7 straight, will we still be having these threads? I highly doubt it.
Well it is normal that while some people now are blind 'cause of how unsuccesful we are right now, some other people were blind by how succesful we were last year? Of course threads are more negative in losing cause.....I mean anybody here had great things to say while we were ridiculized against Calgary?

Just normal. Still, as much as I don't want to believe that we're as bad as it looks this year, I personnally don't believe we were as good as we were last year. Injuries play a heck of a role and we didn't have any last year while other teams in our conference keep having some.....and on top of that...we did only finish with 10 points ahead of the 8th place....

So, of course, critics weren't so vocal last year 'cause clearly we looked like a team who was just following the plan....but is possible that we were blinded by some things and going insecure a little....Again, pretty normal if you ask me.....So is Gainey THE problem? Of course not....but he's part of the team and he actually needs to take some responsability right now like everyone does.

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