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02-11-2009, 02:58 AM
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dont worry Florida wont be getting Edler for Boumeester, im talking even about a one for one trade.
Raymond most definitely has value, and lots of it. Like i said somewhere else, generation instant gratification is incapable of seeing the biger picture.

Boumeester will be a sought after free agent, but i dont see Florida trading him unless they go on a pretty big losing streak so any proposals are mute. If he was traded then he would fetch value similiar value to Campbell, maybe more, maybe less. Campbell got a almost guaranteed very late first round pick and a good young NHL player with potential who was underachieving, on top of that a 7th round pick was also sent the other way. To Canucks that would translate to Raymond and a first, for Boumeester and a 3-4th round pick. Just factual comparison. At the beginning of the season a sgined Boyle was traded for a projected later first round pick, a underachieving prospect, and a young dman who was showing that its more likely than not that he isnt worth anything near his big contract. On top pf that a solid lower pairing veteran dman was also packaged with Boyle. To compare that to a Canuck trade it would be something like a 1strnd pick, Patrick White, and O'Brien signed for a couple more years at 2.5million per year, on top of that a veteran bottom pairing dman would also be heading to Vancouver.
Is this what Boumeester would fetch, or will fetch, who knows, but its more than likely that it will be in these ranges.

What would Vancouver than likely offer, Raymond, a first, and a conditional pick like a second. Thats the honest and blunt truth.

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