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02-11-2009, 07:33 AM
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I've been doing tongue under the shinguard with socks over back and front since I was in middle school, before that it was always tongue out b/c that's all I knew. I first did the tongue in thing b/c it was the cool trendy thing to do at the time, I also found it was more comfortable for me and allowed me to wear a size bigger shinguard so have been doing it ever since.

Originally Posted by bohlmeister View Post
I put my shin pads inside the tongue, but i pull my socks over the tongue and laces. Every other way looks stupid imo.

That's definitely an interesting way, sort of a tongue out fake out. The pic of Forsberg looks like he has tingues under the shin guard and not the way you described; I'd imagine there would be a noticeable bump from the tongue under the sock but over the shinguard.

Originally Posted by MW View Post
Tongues in, tendon guards out.
I've been wanting to try this for a while, I gave it a shot a while back and it never felt or looked right to me with the thick knit hockey socks and the large tendon guard on my old Graf 705's. I just picked up a new pair of One75's w/ a smaller tendon guard and have been wearing pro stock edge socks which are pretty thin so I think I may give this method another shot.

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