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02-11-2009, 11:00 AM
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Originally Posted by Ozymandias View Post
Think of it this way, people here wouldn't complain of the Sharks, even though they chocked in the playoffs year after year, while still getting a better team, but if the Sharks were truly the Habs, most fans and the media would complain A LOT. Yet everybody's so in love right now with Boston and San Jose. Grass is always greener. That's the mentality that's the problem.

Yes we can have expectations, but to think that the people running the team are incompetent because they don't reach one round higher is not helping things. A five year plan, where the 4th season we were 1st in the conference was a step forward, yes we got eliminated in the 2nd round. What is happening right now is only a fork in the road. Gainey's five year plan was to make the team competitive, competititve enough to go to the playoffs each season and battle for the greatest honor. He never said he'd go to the 3rd round or win the cup by the 5th year of the plan. He said the team would be competitive. It is. There's a difference between having normal expectations and wanting everything to be perfect and falling into place neatly by magic. It takes work. And many of the common fans don't understand that. The five year plan will continue. It will have to do with keeping the team competitive, filling holes the best they can with the means they have, keep restocking the prospects, keep developping them, keep integrating them. And along the way, the team will become more dominant.

Its not about year 1 = making playoffs, year 2 = making playoffs, year 3 = making second round, year 4 = making 3rd round, year 5 = making finals... That's not how it works. Progression is not always systematic, is not always automatic. They have to tweak their tools, change some of them, fit them better.

I knew from day one that some fans wouldn't have the patience to endure what BG was building, because most of them just want instant success and have no idea what it takes to get there. It takes patience and hard work.
Excellent just killed it there my man!

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