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Originally Posted by Ozymandias View Post
remember critical thinking? You are still not doing that.

- Yes it was, but also realize that Price is only 21-22 years old in a position where msot players come to their prime between ages of 25 -28 (example: Lundqvist)

- It was the only one

- the other gifts the poster enumrated were all either more numerous, or closer to their prime, or of higher value compared to a a young goaltender that has a lot to learn.

Will you still be here if the Habs win their next five games? We all know you'll still be here tomorow even if the Habs win, and I can predict what you will be saying... "its only one win, they still have a lot of problems, they'll continue to lose, yaddi yaddi yadda..."
Hello McFly!!! I didn't say Price was a bad pick, I was just pointing out that it was a "gift" and lucky that the Habs got the 5th overall selection in that draft. That's all.

Gainey is also in a good position cap wise in that he can basically spend to the cap if he wants, which is not the case everywhere.

Stop stalking me, dude. It's getting tired and kind of creepy.

Originally Posted by Whitesnake View Post
Agree that some people are exaggerating....still I would put you in the same category as them....Fans caused that type of problems that we have today? 'Cause of our unreasonable expectations? What are you talking about? The expectations to finally reach the 3rd round in 15 years? And how the expectations could be so illogical 'cause from our own words, we have the same team and even improved it.....shouldn't we end up being better? It's illogical to think that? It's the fans that said that Price would be the next Roy? Sorry just thought it was the medias who did their own freakin research and then tried to sell it to the fans....

I just don't buy that fans that exaggerates as far as panicking goes are any better than cheerleaders who always believe that everything will be fine....We're not the Detroit Red Wings when even after losing 5 in a row, fans had to think that everything was fine and it was just a slump. We're not them, as if we can't panic, well we have to at least worry. And again, it's just in prevision to building a great work ethic with the idea of going further in the playoffs.

So to say that the fans are responsible for what's happening right now is just as over the top than people wanting to sell the team after 5 bad games...Fans are actually the ones that permit Gillett to go to the salary cap so we'd get a better team. What fans are responsible for is how they're booing after 1 minute in a PP that didn't do anything. This does not help the players relax and play better and still they keep doing it. That it's their responsability. But the whole series of losses and the bad play.....come on...
Good post.

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